Taking my GOALS to Wakanda

First of all…. WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!!!!

Now if you are a supporter of the culture then we are probably on the same page and that means we are packing up our families and moving to Wakanda! Yep! Plane leaves at 8!

 Okay seriously, the movie was epic and is still empowering people of color all over the world. It’s only been a month since its hit the big screen and it  has officially hit the 1 billion dollar mark! That just makes me so happy and a bit emotional!!! This movie has literally started a movement across the nation. If your black and haven’t seen it yet don’t trip… your black card has definitely been revoked!

I have personally seen the movie 2 times but I know people who have seen it 5 times and counting! Black Panther sent out vibes too high to even measure! I’m still on a high from the movie! There was just so much black magic on the screen! Even looking behind the scenes at directors and costume designers. I had to shed a few tears.

I have to take it to the very first scene when we met Nakia while she was literally on a mission to “Save Our Girls.” I so hope you caught that! If not then go back and see it! The movie just went up from there.

As the movie continues, we get to witness Prince T’Challa’s complete journey to the throne. One of my favorite scenes was the challenge between Prince T’Challa and M’Baku as they went head to head for the throne. The fight wasn’t looking too pretty for T’Challa but then we heard his mother yell “Show them who you are!” The power behind that statement literally changed the outcome from defeat to success. Now how many times have you come across a challenging situation and just felt defeated? Sometimes, all it takes to get out of that low place is a simple affirmation to remind you of your purpose and who you were created to be. That’s exactly what happened in this scene, T’Challa needed a quick reminder and just like that he shook the pain away and submitted to his rightful place as king of Wakanda.

The journey for T’Challa wasnt easy in any way but watching him transform into a great king was super inspiring. A few points I took away from his hierarchy were

  • Just because it works doesn’t mean it cant be improved.

  • Surround yourself with people you trust.

  • You have to decide what kind of king you want to be.

  • Don’t let someone else’s mistakes define who you will be.

 In a time where many people are striving to be better leaders, I think we can take a lot from King T'Challa and his dedication to serve Wakanda. 

Black Panther was eye-opening in other ways as well. The fact that women were warriors really reminded me of the huge role we play in our communities. Nurturing and caring for our people in a way that exudes dignity, strength, and passion. The Wakanda warriors fought with much grace, and only women can do that! The unity in Wakanda gave me so much hope for our nation. I believe that this movie played as a significant turning point in the black community. Now, more than ever is the time to come together, support each other, and build a community that no man in power can tear down. Girls With Goals is apart of this movement and will continue to embrace and uplift women of color so that they are able to reach all of their goals even if its becoming the first QUEEN of Wakanda!


Jas Thomas