Branding on a Budget

Lets face it, taking your business to the next level is a true investment and is not always cheap. However, great branding is one key to the success of your business. But you knew that already. Over the past year, I have been forced to be a little wiser about my branding strategy. And through that, I have learned a few things about cost effective branding. I have 3 keys to branding while also being mindful of your budget.

  1. Use your resources.  Use what you already have and use it to your benefit. The people, the books, the classes and of course the internet. There are sooo many things that are right at our fingertips. All we have to do is find a workshop to attend, grab a new book, or type something in on google. I remember when I went to a graphics workshop hosted by Mena Darre and she taught us how to create our own graphics. It was such a great investment. I was able to make flyers on my own and not have to hire someone to do something I already know how to do.

  2. Build a team. Find a tribe that not only supports the vision of your brand or business but find those who have the knowledge or services you need. I know for myself that there is always someone who is willing to put in a little work for you. Ask your best friend or close cousin family member to put their skills to work. I can tell you now that a closed mouth will never get fed so be sure to speak up and claim your tribe!

  3. Save with a goal in mind. I learned early on that if I have an actual reason to save then my efforts to save are a lot stronger. When it comes to my business, the same rules applied. For example, if I know that purchasing a new lap top would be a great investment for my business, then I am going to take the proper measures to make it happen. This is where the saving with a goal comes in.

Now these are only a few tips that I have been able to use while branding my business as well as staying mindful of my pockets.