25 Things To Know Before 25

I have realized that people around my age are a little afraid of turning 25. Usually reflecting on their life and realizing what they predicted at 15 and 16 is not even close to reality. I remember having these conversations with my friends and I was destined to have a degree, a husband, and a couple kids by now. Needless to say, NONE of these things have happened for me. However, I have learned a ton especially in my 20's so far. Here is a list of 25 of those very special things that I have learned on my journey to 25.

1. Trust God...okay lets be honest. Life is NOT easy, we go through so much and times get hard... but we have to trust that God knows what he is doing. He is growing you and molding you into who he has purposed you to be!

2. Your comfort zone will kill you. 

3. Try new things.

4. Change is inevitable.

5. Be open to meeting new people and sharing ideas. I moved to Indianapolis about 5 years ago and honestly I don't have as many friends as you would think. It took me a while but I honestly had to get over myself and force myself to get out and meet new people. Adding them to my network has been a benefit to my social life and my business. I have been able to create a new circle of friends full of men and women with similar ideas. These same friends are able to connect me with other people or resources that I don't already know about in the city. 

6. Keep going! Don't ever give up!!!

7. Self care is the best care. 

8. Prayer works!!!!! 

9. Hard work DOES pay off. 

10.You are what you eat. If you know me personally then you have seen my transformation. I chose to become a vegetarian about 3 years ago and my new lifestyle has supported this statement. I shed at least 40 lbs and feel the best I ever have in my entire life! 

11. Procrastination is your enemy.  

12. Your journey will not be the same as everyone else's.  

13. The sky was never the limit. 

14. Knowing your purpose is crucial.

15. Real friends stay no matter what. Listen, I don't have many friends but I do have one BEST friend who has been there to witness my journey. Its been almost 15 years and we are still going strong. She has been there to encourage me in my lowest seasons and I know for a fact that she will have a first row seat in my upcoming successes. Find that one person who you can call for advice, to vent your frustrations, to cry, and most importantly, to laugh. This person should be genuine and willing to support you in everything. Even if you don't talk to that person often, you will find peace in knowing that someone out there has your back. 

16. Being a woman is a real super power! Seriously, anything men can do, WE CAN DO BETTER! #GirlPower

17. Goals make the world go round. Set them and live by them! 

18. Pass your knowledge to someone else. 

19. Networking is as fun as you make it! 

20. Self-Improvement/ Self-development is a must. How will you ever become who you are supposed to be if you don't grow into it? I have become a true advocate for personal development and self-evaluation in order to see where there is room for improvement( there is always room). Use your strengths AND weaknesses as an opportunity to go to your next level.

21. You can overcome absolutely anything. 

22. Do what your good at and have fun!

23. Stay humble.  

24. Your hustle determines your success. 

25. With God, ANYTHING is possible! I saved this one for last because its the most important. I have no clue where I would be if God wasn't apart of this journey. He has done so much for me, literally saved my life, gave me a purpose, and loves me more than I can fathom. He has transformed me and I have faith that he will keep me on this journey.

" And I am certain that God, who began a good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." Philippians 1:6 

Now my list may not look like yours but you must admit that 25 is not that bad. Even though you may not be exactly where you want to be, you're more equipped now more than ever. I'm so excited about this new year of life and cant wait to share more in this next year! 

 Please stay tuned because Girls With Goals has some amazing things on the way!