7 Things I Learned From 2017

First things first, HAPPY 2018! 

I am beyond excited about what this new year will bring. I feel like everything up to this point has prepared me for exactly what Im doing and will do in this year. Can we honestly just take a moment to say RIP to 2017. I mean, it wasnt the worst year but it was a tough one! From loosing jobs and people to letting my business run wild. Im glad its over! I must say that 2017 taught me a long list of lessons but im going to keep it short for you. Here are 7 things I learned in 2017...

  1. LIFE IS SHORT. Yes its cliche and you hear it a lot but in 2017  I learned it for myself. I unfortunately witnessed way too many deaths this year. The worst part about it was that majority of these losses were people barely over the age of 30. It was almost every week that I noticed another young soul was taken away from us. With each one I grew more and more worried about not knowing when my last day could be. What I had to realize is that the ones who had passed away in this time must have completed their God given purpose here on Earth. And this fact brought me to my next lesson learned.

  2. PUT YOUR PURPOSE FIRST.  With seeing so many people in my generation loosing their lives so unexpectedly, I was urged to make sure that I was living purposefully. I would honestly ask myself questions like " If I were gone tomorrow, would my life mission be acknowleged?" "Would people see the impact from Girls With Goals?" Thats when it clicked! If it had nothing to do with my purpose then, I didnt want to be bothered by it. This helped me with my desicion making in a lot of areas. Before then I would find myself taking on opportunities just because they were good opportunities. But in the end  they had nothing to do with my purpose. I dont know about you but Im just trying to walk in my purpose until my very last days! 

  3. THESE JOBS AINT LOYAL. If you have been following my personal journey, then you may remember me loosing my job in May of 2017. Now what you didnt see was the employment journey that proceeded. Long story short... It was hell. Job searching. Interviewing. Getting the job and then loosing the job. Finding another job then loosing that one too. The whole process was just annoying. ESPECIALLY when I was trying to grow my business on top of it. It made me even more sure that full-time entrepreneurship was the real goal. Through it all, I had to make sure my bag was secure and my bills were paid no matter what a job had to say. The disloyalty in jobs pushed me even harder to find new ways to produce income with my business.


  4. TRUST THE PROCESS. If 2017 didnt have anything else to offer, there was an abundance of process! It was almost inevitable but as I look back I realized that these processes were necessary. We are always looking forward to growth but never ready for what comes with it. Just think about how a tree grows. It doesnt just go straight up. Instead, its roots go deeper in the ground which causes everything around it to shift. Thats exactly what the process of 2017 felt like. It was so uncomfortable but well worth it. With each process, I gain a little more strength and a little more wisdom.
  5. LEARN THE LESSON AND KEEP IT PUSHING. In 2017, I experienced some things that really broke me down to the point where I was constantly second guessing myself and my journey.  I didnt understand the purpose of some situations or why things would repeatedly keep happening to me. Then I realized that I must be going through these things for a reason and there is a lesson in everything. Now it was up to me to learn the lesson and apply it. So when I came across another similar situation, I could get a better outcome. 
  6. ITS OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK. For me, running my business meant that I was constantly posting to social media. So that meant a lot of time on social media. Now this isnt that hard when you have your mind clear and everything in place. But if not youre only getting fed what people post on facebook. And lets be honest, it can get pretty ratchet. This led me to some sort of creatirs block and I was never really clear on the content that I wanted to peovide.  So before I lost my mind I deactivated me facebook. What i thought would be just a month away turned into a 4 month sabatical. I had to realize that breaks are needed for my creativity to flow better. 
  7. THERE ARE NO LIMITS. If you are a cultured individual like myself, then you payed attention to all the Black Magic that happened in the year. It was so empowering seeing people like Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish reach new heights! Seeing where they came from to where they are now has been the biggest inspiration because we set our goals to be realistic (which is the smart choice). However, we start to limit ourselves by the things we know we can accomplish. But with the examples from 2017, we can change our mindset. There literally are no limits when it comes to what we can accomplish! Taraji said it best "The sky was never the limit, just the view."

None the less, 2017 was a pretty alright year. I learned A LOT! I am more confident than ever about what I should be doing in this season and Im reasy to share it with the world in 2018! Last year was my training period and this year is my breakout year! Keep your eyes out for more content, more events, and more of ME! You know me as A GIRL WITH GOALS and thats not changing any time soon!