The Girls Of Black-Ish


Now I dont really watch a lot of televison, I dont even own a tv but I always find a way to watch the newest episode of Black-ish. It’s funny and addresses so many issues that I have actually experienced. The cast is so dynamic and the story lines are always on point. Needless to say im a huge fan of Black-ish. But if my opinion isnt enough, Black-ish has won an Image Award for Outstanding Comedy Series consecutively for 3 years now. From the witty jokes to showing how black families can resolve common issues without showing any bit of dysfunction! Its a super well-rounded show and deserves more praise. Its the most positive image of a black family since the Cosbys.

Another thing I love about the show is the fact that each of the characters on the show have so much integrity even when they are off set. They are all doing so many impeccable things in Hollywood and for the culture. You would be crazy not to acknowledge their accomplishments. My favorite ones to watch are of course the GIRLS of the show, Jenifer Lewis, Tracee Ellis-Ross, Yara Shahidi, and Marsai Martin. From oldest to youngest, these girls are constantly working on making their time in Hollywood mean more than just the fame. They are all such inspirations to our community and I just want to take a moment and celebrate these women and their accomplishments.

Jennifer Lewis is my absolute favorite on the show! She keeps me cracking up and she just so happens to be from my hometown so I can connect with her reactions on camera which makes things even funnier. Now Jenifer is no amateur. She has decades of film, television, and theatre under her belt and is currently keeping us laughing through her social media as she sings behind her piano. Ms. Lewis just released a new book proclaiming her title as the “mother of black hollywood.” In the book she opens up about her struggles with sex addiction and mental illness. We have seen this woman all over the place as the mom or aunt in the movies us girls love to watch so we will continue to count the accomplishments of the beautiful and talented Jenifer Lewis.

Now moving on to my one of my all time favorite people, Tracee Ellis-Ross. She is truly one of my role models and I love watching her on Black-ish. She gets to play a role that is completely opposite of her real life and I can admire her for that. In fact, I’m not the only who recognizes her talent as she has received multiple awards for her role as Bow. Besides her acting skills, her style and personality are  just amazing! She recently partnered with JCP and released a new and affordable clothing line. She has been spotted making bold cultural statements and just gives me life with everything she does.  At last year’s Woman of The Year Summit, she spoke and said somethings that really touched me. She mentioned what it meant to live by the expectations of others and how she overcame the backlash she got for being a single 45 year old woman without children. Tracee simply stated “my life is mine.” What a powerful affirmation? I would think that being the daughter of a superstar like Diana Ross would put some pressure on the legacy that she created for herself but after that statement she released it. She concluded that same speech by saying “ I’ve become a woman that I am very proud to be.” Lets just say that thats the real goal in this thing we call life!

Now we cant mention the successes of Black-ish without mentioning how Yara Shahidi was able to create and star in her own show Grown-ish. OMG! If you havent seen it, then you are sleeping on Miss Yara real hard. I have always watched her because I love how passionate she is about her culture and her plans to enhance it. I could totally see this young queen as an affluent leader of her generation, maybe even the president. I mean besides her career, she is a current Harvard student! How dope is that?! Just a bunch of young, black excellence coming from Yara and I love it! And just a quick side note to mention that she liked one of my Instagram pics that Im still freaking out about! She is one of my favs under 21 and someone that I can even look up to! Im honestly excited about what she will be able to accomplish in her future.

The youngest of them all, Marsai Martin is slaying the game. She is only 13 years old and holding her own as an actress. She took home an Image Award this year for best supporting actress in a comedy series! How cool is that! Her career is really hitting new heights for this young actress. Marsai recently announced that she will star in the comedy “Little.” Its an even bigger deal that she came up with the idea for the script and will be the executive produce of it. She is cute, funny, and smart, and we are watching her every move!

Now you see why I needed to acknowledge all of these GIRLS! They are seriously on the move on and off the screen!