Oprah's Got My Vote


Oprah For President

So lets talk about this... what if our first female president ends up being one of the most influential BLACK women in the world? I mean, looking at the last election, we know that ANYTHING is possible. And after hearing the queen herself this past Sunday at the Golden Globes, im sure all the black women are hoping she gets nominated for more than awards come 2020!  

Oprah has been in the game for over 30 years and is the CEO of several multi-million dollar companies. Of course she is known as a host, author, activist, philanthropist, and actress (and not reality tv!) She's a straight BOSS! What woman in the world wouldnt trust her in the White House! She has already proven herself as a world leader and loves our people!  

Oprah always speaks with so much strength and compassion for people and thats something we havent seen from the current political party. She simply stated that "speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have" and the crowd went crazy celebrating her words. She preceded to win the hearts of every woman watching by saying "our culture is broken by brutally powerful men." And concluded by telling the us that "their time is up!" Listen, if you didnt feel like she was coming for the president then you're nuts!  

Oprah already holds so many titles but honestly speaking, I would be honored to call her my president. She exudes the girl power we all need in this country and to put black girl magic on top of that! Yes! Just think about the new attitude black women would have if she was elected.  The struggle between us and white men would basically be non-existant. Our black men would be taken care of like never before. And the United States will flourish. 

Okay, okay... My imagination can exaggerate things a little but I can have hope right. Mama O has my vote no matter what!