Squad Goals

“Its not what you know, its WHO.” Yes, I know it’s a cliche at it’s finest but it’s the truest one in book! Listen… When you have goals to reach you have no other choice but to believe this cheesy saying. The benefits that come from having a strong circle can send your business to new levels. Think about it, you never see just one construction worker building something alone… Its a team of people working together to create from the ground up. Consider your business or brand the same way. If you were going at it by yourself you are looking at a project that won’t be finished until years down the road. If you have the proper help and a solid group of people to back you up, then you are more than likely to reach your goal! 

If you learn this early in your business then you are already on the right track. It’s an absolute MUST that you connect with people that will help you reach your goals! Whether it be a mentor, peer, or someone who can serve you, stay connected with them. It’s these type of relationships that will take you to the next level. The people you know are your biggest resource. They can connect you to things and ultimately guide you in the direction needed to reach your goals. 

Remember when our anthem was Drake’s song, No New Friends… We chanted the lyrics and boasted about our ‘ride-or-die’ qualities. I felt so loyal staying true to the click of girls that I had known since middle school. Luckily I realized that this way of thinking would get me nowhere in my business. So I changed it up! I increased my circle with all types of people and now I have true connections with those who can benefit my growth.

Now don't get it twisted and think that its a selfish act because it’s not. If you seek to build genuine relationships with people then it becomes a more solid foundation and opens doors to in a lot of areas in your life. You never know who could give you the job you always wanted or even connect you with big investors. Work on gaining a squad who is 100% for you and the accomplishment of your goals… Get some NEW FRIENDS who believe in your vision just as much as you do!

So here is a challenge for you this week…

Write a list of all of your friends and complete a SQUAD DETOX! Take some time to evaluate all of the connections you have and identify what they are helping you with. Ask yourself ” how is this person benefiting me?” and “how are they helping me reach my goals right now?” If you notice that there are no benefits coming from some relationships then I strongly suggest you let them loose and make room for new connections! 

You are A GIRL WITH A GOAL and this is the perfect time to start reaching them! Your connections will get you farther than you think!