Who We Are

Girls With Goals is a movement created to celebrate and promote women of color who are accomplishing major things in the areas of business, education, fashion and career. Our mission is to provide these women with the network, tools, and community needed to reach their goals.  



Meet The Founder


Jas Thomas is a community leader and entrepreneur who is dedicated to being the change agent for girls worldwide. She started Girls With Goals 3 years ago, after noticing the lack of positive images in regards to women of color. Jas started the movement as a way to promote and celebrate women who were doing the opposite of what she saw in the media. She is currently pursuing a degree in Organizational Leader and uses Girls With Goals as a platform to display her boldness and concern for her community.  She is from St. Louis, MO but currently resides in Indianapolis, IN. She is also a certified Life Coach who focuses on goal clarity mentoring. Here are 5 FUN facts about Jas:

1. She grew up with practically all women! Her father is the only boy out of six and I'm the youngest of my 4 sisters! Can you say GIRL OVERLOAD! She was obviously destined to be around girls all of my life.

2. Jas gets most of her inspiration from seeing other girls win. Feel free to call her a little crazy but she feels so empowered after seeing someone else reach their goals. No hating here!

3.  Her first plane ride was only a year ago. Jas has been to many places in the states and driven to all of them. One of her goals this year is to travel way more so her miles in the sky will increase for sure!

4. Jas' favorite genre of music is Gospel. It's just so soothing and inspirational and we honestly need those vibes constantly. 

5. Jas' biggest goal is for Girls With Goals to be known all over the world. She wants it to be as big as (or even bigger than) Black Girls Rock when it comes to celebrating the achievements of other women!