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A Seat At The Table

"Whenever you hear your favorite entertainer is coming to town, whatโ€™s your first reaction? Do you run around the room and jump for joy? Well, thatโ€™s exactly what happened when I learned the Womenโ€™s Fund of Central Indiana was hosting A Moderated Conversation with Former First Lady Michelle Obama...... Continue To Read


The Girls of Black-ish

From the witty jokes to showing how black families can resolve common issues without showing any bit of dysfunction! Its a super well-rounded show and deserves more praise. Its the most positive image of a black family since the Cosbys.

Another thing I love about the show is the fact that each of the characters on the show have so much integrity even when they are off set. They are all doing so many impeccable things in Hollywood and for the culture. You would be crazy not to acknowledge their ..... Continue To Read

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25 Things To Know Before 25

I have realized that people around my age are a little afraid of turning 25. Usually reflecting on their life and realizing what they predicted at 15 and 16 is not even close to reality. I remember having these conversations with my friends and I was destined to have a degree, a husband, and a couple kids by now. Needless to say, ...Continue To Read


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